TFACS does not offer employment in our organization, however,  this page is used to disseminate employment information in the Animal Care & Control Profession for other organizations.
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Citizens for Animal Protection Inc., (CAP) was founded in 1972 in Houston, Texas and is a nationally acclaimed shelter for dogs, cats and small mammals. CAP is a 501c-3 organization and is a "Managed Intake" Shelter.

After 41 years, CAP's Executive Director is retiring and on January 1, 2016, will transition into position of Executive Director Emeritus. CAP is seeking
an innovative and experienced individual with exceptional leadership qualities to be the next Executive Director. The Executive Director reports
to the Board of Directors and is responsible for managing all aspects of the organization.
The candidate must have a minimum of three years experience in a similar position and has overseen the management of daily operations in an animal
protection or animal control organization. An additional two years experience in an administrative/managerial position is preferred. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills and a successful track record in the vital areas of budgeting, financial integrity, fundraising,
encouraging community involvement, and advocacy at the city, state and national levels. Responsibilities also include leading an directing the Senior Management Team in the Pet Adoption Center & Shelter, the Spay/Neuter Clinic, Low Cost Vaccination Clinic, Community Outreach and Humane Education Programs, Volunteer Program, Foster Care Program, Feral Cat Assistance
Program, the Pet Supply Shop and the Thrift Store. The individual must support the mission and philosophy of CAP, which is to shelter, provide care
for and place homeless animals, provide humane education to the community and advocate respect and compassion for all animal life. Please send a cover letter and resume to JoAnne Jackson, HR Dept., with a copy to Board Member, Peter Carragher,

President & CEO
The Nebraska Humane Society



Winning candidate joins a premier, not-for-profit, respected organization treasured by the community whose focus is rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals, providing animal control services, and advancing humane education initiatives on behalf of the Omaha metro area. The successful candidate appointed as President & CEO of Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) will bring an exceptional array of skills, talent, and experience to capitalize on a distinctly superb career advancing opportunity. Passion for animal welfare, vision, initiative, and skills to make a decisive impact will distinguish the exceptional leader prepared to advance to this role.  
The chosen leader will oversee and orchestrate every aspect of daily operations in this progressive organization that saves more lives than the national average for animal control facilities, touching the lives of nearly 30,000 animals each year and facilitating 10,000 adoptions annually. With skill to elicit extensive participation and broad support from the philanthropic community, local government entities, business enterprises, the community at large, and an energetic board, the inspirational executive appointed as President and CEO will be well positioned to steer the Nebraska Humane Society toward vibrant advancement in scope of services to the region and in enhanced visibility across the state.
About the Nebraska Humane Society
The Nebraska Humane Society is an open-entry shelter that protects, saves and enriches the lives of animals within the communities it serves, providing education, giving sanctuary, encouraging adoptions and promoting responsible pet ownership for dogs, cats, small pocket pets like hamsters and guinea pigs, horses and barnyard animals, and wildlife. NHS’ Main Campus houses a majority of animals in its general adopt kennels, facilitates the convalescing of sensitive animals in foster homes, and maintains horses off-site at the Star Equine Rehabilitation Facility. In 2015 NHS’ veterinary team ran 11,840 medical diagnostic tests on animals; performed 1,343 specialized surgeries; spayed or neutered 6,373 cats and dogs; treated 7,653 animals for parasites; sent 1,765 pets offsite for foster care. 

Unique among animal shelters, in addition to taking animals whose owners can no longer care for them NHS provides animal control services for the Omaha metro area. The organization offers clean kennels, warm beds, loving hearts and kind hands to every abandoned, stray and lost animal who arrives at the door. NHS also quarantines animals who are aggressive or who have bitten, provides a safe place for victims of cruelty and neglect, and offers temporary sanctuary for animals who have been given up by their owners. In recent years the Society has worked with the community on a limited trap/neuter/release program, fostering thousands of kittens in private homes, utilizing PetSmarts and veterinary offices to house and adopt cats, and expanding its cat kenneling area. 

NHS creates community advocacy and raises monetary support for its lifesaving treatments and programs, while organizing and training a cadre of volunteers with a passion for making a difference in the lives of shelter animals. NHS’ investment in Humane Education promotes compassion and helps reduce future cases of neglect, cruelty and misunderstanding of pet behavior, preparing the next generation of animal advocates through a variety of offerings for school-aged youth, including: summer and winter camps for kids, clubs for teens and pre-teens, Boy and Girl Scout programs, and birthday parties. Humane Education also provides teacher resources - including comprehensive curriculum to educate youngsters and the community on the joys and responsibilities that come with owning a pet, as well as age-specific, downloadable lesson plans so teachers can fully explore the material in a classroom setting - and other programs for the entire family, including shelter tours, service projects, and more. 
The selected President & CEO will discover an environment where professional satisfaction and career achievement are paired with optimal quality of life in a relaxed, thriving metropolitan area where geography, climate, demographics, and ambiance combine to offer all the elements that contribute to a safe and enjoyable lifestyle -- an attractive array of activities, amenities, and opportunities for family members of all ages will find here. It's all here for the professional prepared to grasp this superb opportunity.  

Specific background, experiences, accomplishments and skills most important for success in this role.
Career track of progressive, documentable accomplishments in increasingly complex operations/administrative/executive leadership roles earned in a not for profit setting or similar enterprise. Ideal candidate is a proven executive leader possessing a track record of sustaining excellence at the highest levels along with the expertise and skill to further evolve and elevate a large, complex animal rescue/shelter enterprise to greater levels of service. Demonstrates passion and commitment to animals.
Track record for organizing, structuring, mobilizing and orchestrating a large contingency of valued human capital including volunteers, employees, veterinary staff, and more. A skilled and inspiring mentor and coach, gifted at developing and nurturing the abilities and professionalism of staff and volunteers. 
A strategic thought leader with skills and abilities to meet current operations challenges along with proven strategic planning capability to map out a long-term vision with specific timeline and benchmarks to establish, enhance and leverage organizational advantages. A skilled project leader with proven management acumen to lead teams through specific goal oriented projects and operational expertise to oversee and orchestrate projects to successful completion on time and within budget.
Ability to marshal forces, energize, engage and elicit “buy-in” from individuals at all levels from volunteers to staff to Board of Directors, NHS Foundation, Friends Forever and the broader community. Proven ability to initiate, nurture and develop ongoing productive relationships, with demonstrated leadership acumen to craft win-win outcomes in knitting together different interest groups and entities to facilitate and advance and enlarge the success of the Humane Society in the local community as well as visibility on the regional level and beyond. 
Executive leadership presence and skill to serve as technical advisor to the Board of Directors, ensuring clear and transparent reporting and communications, and keeping the Board apprised of major developments and physical and operational conditions of the NHS. Capability to work alongside the Chair to ensure the Board Committee structure is functioning optimally, and to recommend needed changes and competencies within the composition of the Board.
Proven ability and acuity to assess operations, financials, and personnel as well as competence to coordinate efforts of a willing team of professionals and volunteers. Capacity to organize and streamline operations to achieve financial and service objectives. Track record of ability to consistently balance a budget.
Marketing oriented operations leadership is desired and knowledge of the economic environment and regulatory issues that impact an animal shelter operation / animal sanctuary environment is required. Direct experience and proven ability to orchestrate day-to-day operations to ensure continuous operational improvement are required. 
A visionary with creativity and management skill to proactively plan, develop and implement leading edge advancements in the quality of animal rescue, shelter, foster care, medical treatment, and educational initiatives in order to continually energize and capture the attention and loyalty of political and philanthropic organizations, longtime patrons and benefactors as well as expand the advocacy base to attract new supporters and enhance overall services. 
Demonstrated executive leadership skill and documented management capacity to oversee and orchestrate a multifaceted, complex, not-for-profit enterprise with 150 employees who care for nearly 30,000 animals annually, offering broad services including pet adoption, spay/neutering for the public, dog training classes, animal licensing, animal control, behavior advice for pet owners, dog day care, education programs for kids, and more, with a $12 million organizational endowment and an annual budget of $11 million. 
Financial acumen with thorough knowledge of all phases of the budget process, and financial management skills to collect, monitor, and interpret internal and external data. ROI and EVA minded, with ability to assess and improve operational performance, interpret financial statements, install risk management controls, cash-handling procedures, inventory controls and internal auditing practices, and measure and document outcomes. 
Documented success and skill in planning, orchestrating and implementing fundraising practices to render ongoing support and enhance the donor base on behalf of a not for profit animal rescue and shelter organization. Record of success and skill at fundraising and cultivating donors in both one-on-one and group settings.
Track record of successfully facilitating and nurturing effective communications in keeping all key stakeholders apprised of financial and operational status – including community supporters, donors/benefactors, board of directors, government entities, regulatory agencies, vendors, volunteers, and the community at large - to ensure financial transparency. 
Proven skill to instill a strong, safe and respectful work environment. Experiences or record for ensuring property and facilities management, to include preventive/predictive maintenance and provisions for adequate funding to ensure the 13-acre property and facilities infrastructure is supported, maintained, advanced and enhanced. Ability to orchestrate and implement physical security measures, safety procedures, and plan and maintain appropriate insurance to manage risk for employees, volunteers, and patrons.
Marketing savvy and creativity, and background and skills to work collaboratively with marketing consultants and staff to raise the profile of NHS, develop the NHS brand, enhance public awareness, and effectively market the venue through press releases and media management to facilitate growth in utilization, support, and funding, and to increase mind share and market share within the local and regional community. 
Skilled at use of media outlets, with experience at targeting and orchestrating media venues to gain attention and develop interest in the Humane Society’s special projects and events as well as day to day activities, to ensure consistent positive press and public relations.  
Proven ability to solidly and actively engage a community at all levels and to readily engender trust and confidence through communicating a clear and convincing message. Evidence of civic involvement; experience in elected or appointed leadership roles is a plus. Skills to develop and deliver presentations to audiences in formal and informal settings, to interview well on camera and through other media.
Track record for being politically aware and astute, yet remain apolitical. Able to build coalitions, facilitate and blend the interests and resources of disparate groups - from government entities to private finance to benefactors - to advance the mission and purpose of the Humane Society.
Bachelor’s degree in management, administration or related field required.

Those human traits and abilities most important for success in this role.
Initiative and self-discipline, with innate confidence to lead, encourage and enable a management team and staff and work collaboratively with an energized board of trustees, community leaders, and governmental agencies.  
Compassionate, nurturing, service-oriented, steadfast, and community conscious, with demonstrated personal passion for animal welfare and documented commitment to and involvement in animal rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming. 
Leadership acumen and executive presence to serve as the face and voice of the NHS in the local community and at the state level.
Strong core values, with record of uncompromising integrity, personal and financial credibility, fairness, transparency, and open accountability. Humility. Demonstrates respect and credits success to others.
Flexibility, adaptability, with exceptional diplomacy and facilitating skills.
Ability to manage and motivate a team through positive encouragement, personal empowerment and inspiring leadership. Skill to appropriately challenge people to bring about positive outcomes. Approachable and charismatic, with engaging personality and ability to influence people positively, be a catalyst for progress, and make a decisive impact.  
An innovative, outside the box thinker, yet pragmatic and practical, with skill in identifying problems and opportunities, using creativity to map and bring about inventive solutions to advance the organization to the next level.
Seasoned, yet energetic. A mature, down to earth and well-grounded, innovative, success-oriented personality bringing a sense of humor and a record of setting and surpassing objectives. 
Leadership stature to assume a central strategic role to refine, enhance, strengthen and advance the mission and purpose of the Humane Society. Brings a "big picture" vision of how the Humane Society’s operations and opportunities enhance the community’s resources for education about and service to homeless, neglected and abused animals.
The will to advance a genuine customer-centered attitude and the capacity to incorporate the philosophy of the Humane Society to advance positive experiences for visitors, adoptees and benefactors and positive public relations within the larger community.  
A team leader and team player with proficiency in orchestrating the cooperative efforts of individuals and groups, who enjoys the success of others around him/her. A skilled delegator who empowers; not a micro-manager. An excellent facilitator with the interpersonal skills to sell, affect, lead, and manage change and growth.
Effective verbal and written communication and presentation skills. Models tactful, respectful, communication with the public. Comfortable interacting with boards, media, volunteers, educational institutions, social groups, governing bodies, community groups, and other interested parties. 
Leadership courage to challenge non-productive thinking and to instill and inspire an organizational focus on positive vision. 
A good student of people and personalities, with discernment and adroitness to interact with diverse groups, from volunteers to board members, fostering collaboration and collegiality. Presence to engender confidence and trust readily. Ability to sell a point in a non-polarizing manner, gaining consensus and "buy in."  
Committed to cultural diversity and comfortable working within a diverse staff and community.

Strong attractors for top candidates.
Join a thriving, sound, well-functioning organization treasured by the community - one of the premier public shelters in the nation in terms of quality of service and number of lives saved. Enjoy superior staff, committed volunteers, energetic board, solid support (both public and private), community involvement, expansive facilities and education programs already in place. Here you will find an organization destined for continued advancement and elevation, a distinct, unique opportunity to bring your best ideas to fully evolve and elevate a premier Humane Society organization.
Grasp the opportunity to lead, mold and work beside an outstanding staff and cadre of volunteers who are motivated and passionate about the mission and the organization, and fully committed to doing everything within their power to provide a second chance to the animals in their care. Enjoy collaborating with a community of foster families willing to bring thousands of animals into their homes throughout the year, providing a safe place to grow, heal, and trust the world around them. 
Lead a respected organization that is truly focused on quality in every aspect of the enterprise - where every element for your success awaits. Outstanding opportunity to work in a collaborative, collegial and supportive environment with a progressive Board of Directors within a receptive, informed, and involved community with an established history of vibrant philanthropic support of non-profit causes.
Enjoy close professional collaboration with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, one of the nation’s leading zoological parks and animal research and conservation enterprises. 
Discover a collegial, open work environment with no hidden agendas and where success is measured by your ability to advance the Humane Society to the next levels of accomplishment. Here you will be listened to and heard, and you will have the distinct opportunity to make a decisive impact in your chosen field.
Reside in a truly excellent locale, ranked by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as #3 in the “Top 10 Cities for 2008", an exceptional place to live, work and enjoy. With a vibrant economy, and hosting the headquarters of some of the most well regarded corporations across the land, Omaha is a city comprised of a healthy job market, good homes, great schools and universities, top medical facilities, an unspoiled environment and many opportunities to worship. From arts and entertainment to sporting events, outdoor recreation and family fun, Greater Omaha offers something for everyone. With its thriving, diverse and vibrant metropolitan area, Omaha is defined by creativity, culture and an affordable cost of living along with its talented, ambitious workforce. Primacy Relocation and Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council) gave Omaha their #1 ranking for “Best Cities to Relocate a Family”. With this type of national recognition, it’s easy to see that Greater Omaha is a metro on the move. Whether you are looking for top notch education, meaningful employment, or simply a safe and comfortable place to enjoy life, Omaha is, indeed, a great place to live.

The Nebraska Humane Society is an equal opportunity employer, and we make all employment-related decisions without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, veteran's status or any other protected characteristic. 

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Mabry Smith III, Senior Partner
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