We are a Texas agency that understands Texas problems and we offer shelter evaluations on request.  

Everything from shelter floors to compliance with State Laws to Board of Directors or Municipal Managers will be constructively and objectively discussed.


Texas Federation of Animal Care Societies Lends a Hand to 
The Humane Society of Wichita County

Texas Federation of Animal Care Societies Lends a Hand to 
The Humane Society of Wichita County.

Helping improve animal shelter facilities throughout Texas is a major part of our mission at TFACS.  

So when we received a request from the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Wichita County for a shelter evaluation and staff training, we were glad to respond, scheduling a date of March 4 for the visit.  

Serving on the evaluation team with me were TFACS board member and Plano Animal Service Manager Jamey Cantrell and JoAnne Jackson, Director of Administrative Services for Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) of Houston.

After spending the day at the shelter, we met privately to discuss our observations and to draft a list of suggestions for improvements.

We then met with the Board of Directors to report our findings and offer recommendations. We also provided resources and contact information of those who could provide additional assistance.

The Board was open and positive concerning our recommendations and expressed enthusiasm about future plans for the organization. Several Board members stated that they felt they now had a direction in which to go and a way to get there. 

The following day, we provided several training workshops for the staff, including:

Volunteer/Foster Programs-Jamey Cantrell
Shelter Sanitation and Animal Handling – Jamey Cantrell
Customer Service – Patt Nordyke
Increasing Adoptions – JoAnne Jackson
State and Local Laws – Patt Nordyke

Overall, the staff members were very responsive to the training.

Since our return from Wichita Falls, TFACS has received several emails from the Board President to share with us several changes and improvements that have taken place as a result of our visit.  The Board President and others have expressed their appreciation for our coming to their assistance.

Below is one of the comments that we received: 

“We are all very excited about the changes at the shelter; the animals haven't had advocates like the remaining Board members. Even the ACOs are excited about the changes.  Recently several of our dogs were transported to the Humane Society of North Texas and Jamey and they were going to split the dogs.  I was very impressed with the way the animals were handled at HSNT.  Two Pugs and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever went to their respective rescue groups that day, too, so a good day for 'rescue' all around. 

The input of the evaluation team has given the HS Board a road map for turning the shelter around; they are all overwhelmed and exhausted on so many levels, but they are just wading through it.  I go to the DFW Metroplex at least once a week to show at adoption events with Chihuahua Rescue & Transport or to do home visits for my fosters, so I am always willing to transport animals to rescue; no animal should have to die in a shelter for lack of a ride when there is a spot for them elsewhere.”   Sue Hempfling

Although animal welfare work can sometimes be frustrating and disheartening, the time we spent helping the shelter workers and board members in Wichita Falls -- who immediately went to work to make their shelter a better animal care facility  -- was definitely time well spent.  

We look forward to receiving future updates on their progress and wish them the best of luck in getting the support they deserve from the Wichita Falls community as they work to provide a quality care facility for the animals.   

Patt Nordyke
Executive Director
& Board Member

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